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The e-commerce.

Lost in space

Bill P

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On a limited budget I have now had a new site built with a new custom built Shopping Basket. Now I want to start to edit the pages in my site but I cannot get hold of them to edit (for me to revise and upload) etc. I am completely lost and need a kick start to get going. I have purchased SmartFTP and am struggling with that. I have a Shopping Cart Admin Access and I am hosted by Datflame. It is downloading the pages from my site I cannot acces. Does anybody understand my prob and has any patience to help me unravel it?

I never thought I could get in such a mess.




Bill P

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Can you get anything at all?


Normally it would be something like the following (excuse me for covering anything you already know);


You will have been given a login and password. This *should* be the ftp login, if it's not, ask your ISP to give you that.


You will connect by telling the ftp program to use the server 'www.yourdomain.com' (logically altered), and the user/pass they gave you.


You will probably see a couple of directories. One of them may be '/html' or '/public_html', which is where your normal site should be.


You may also see a directory called 'CGI-bin' or similar.


When you say you have a cutom built shopping basket, is it Oscommerce? There can be a lot of differences . . .


If it's OScommerce, it should be in a directory within the html directory. If it's something different, it may be in the cgi-bin directory - you can get an idea by seeing what the page extensions are. Oscommeree will be .php. If it's .asp it will probably be in cgi-bin.


As far as editing goes, an ftp prog won't help, you need some kind of editor to change things. Some people like to code by hand, using notepad or similar. I use Dreamweaver, I don't see the need to torture myself :D


That's my guess at what you need . . . does it help? Failing which you need to be more specific.

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