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No confirmation email being sent


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Thanks i learnt afew features i didnt know was there, but unfortunately all these settings are set correctly it seems... I think it might be linked to a contribution i added abit back... new customer emails v1.1 here are the instructions from it. It does give me an email everytime someone new signs up but i think its stopping an email being sent to them... If there seems like no problems with the code below ill just go back to a clean file. That If statement looks abit dodgy :). Thanks for any help in advance


1. EXECUTE: the attached .sql file
2. EDIT: /catalog/create_account.php
AROUND line 245, AFTER:
tep_mail($name, $email_address, EMAIL_SUBJECT, $email_text, STORE_OWNER, STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS);

ADD the following:
     // New Customer Emails v1.1 Start
     $admin_email_text = ADMIN_EMAIL_WELCOME ."\n\n";
     $admin_email_text .= ADMIN_EMAIL_TEXT ."\n";
     $admin_email_text .= "-===================================================-\n";
  $admin_email_text .= ADMIN_EMAIL_GENDER . $gender . "\n";
     $admin_email_text .= ADMIN_EMAIL_FIRSTNAME . $firstname . "\n";
     $admin_email_text .= ADMIN_EMAIL_LASTNAME . $lastname . "\n";
     $admin_email_text .= ADMIN_EMAIL_COMPANY . $company . "\n";
     $admin_email_text .= ADMIN_EMAIL_CITY . $city . "\n";
  $admin_email_text .= ADMIN_EMAIL_TELEPHONE . $telephone . "\n";
     $admin_email_text .= ADMIN_EMAIL_EMAIL . $email_address . "\n";
  $admin_email_text .= ADMIN_EMAIL_NEWSLETTER . $newsletter . "\n";
     $admin_email_text .= EMAIL_WARNING ."\n\n";
     tep_mail(STORE_OWNER, SEND_NEW_CUSTOMER_EMAILS_TO, EMAIL_SUBJECT, nl2br($admin_email_text), $name, $email_address, '');
     // New Customer Emails v1.1 End

3. EDIT: /catalog/includes/languages/english/create_account.php
Add the following anywhere:
// New Customer Emails v1.1
define('ADMIN_EMAIL_WELCOME', 'Hello');
define('ADMIN_EMAIL_TEXT', 'Notification of New Customer Registration:');
define('ADMIN_EMAIL_GENDER', 'Male/Female(m/f): ');
define('ADMIN_EMAIL_FIRSTNAME', 'Firstname: ');
define('ADMIN_EMAIL_LASTNAME', 'Lastname: ');
define('ADMIN_EMAIL_CITY', 'City: ');
define('ADMIN_EMAIL_TELEPHONE', 'Telephone: ');
define('ADMIN_EMAIL_COMPANY', 'Company: ');
define('ADMIN_EMAIL_EMAIL', 'eMail: ');
define('ADMIN_EMAIL_NEWSLETTER', 'Newsletter (0=no, 1=yes): ');


Simple, complete.

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I ran a quick test, created a new account and bought something and finished checking out... I recieved my mail @ my admin section that a new account was created, but i recieved no confirmation email at the email address i used... it then allowed me to checkout (without confirming any email), and no order confirmation email was sent to the address either... and yes i did check i had the right email address in :). Which file deals with all the out going emails to customers... ive been browsing around for ages now and googling the forum... its probly something so obvious that no one has had to ask b4 knowing my wayz... Any help would greatly be appreciated, even just a nudge in the right direction :).





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