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Sessions and IP numbers


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Can any of the developers (or anyone else) advise me on this.


Suppose an office has a single internet connection - that allows multiple users to access the internet.


Those users would then be sharing the same IP number wouldn't they?


Will this cause a problem with the sessions in OSC? And lead to mixed up shopping carts ?


I heard somewhere that it's bad to implement php session control based on IP numbers for just this kind of reason.


How does OSC stack up on this ?



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No, it will not cause any problems because the clients will connect on different ports.

Open both Netsape and Explorer you will see both browsers will have different session id's...

same principle.

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Thanks for the advice - I was pretty sure it was OK as I'd looked at the session ID's using different browsers as you suggest - it's been something niggling in the back of my mind ...

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