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How to avoid DOS bandwidth problem


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My site, www.silver4you.ro, is under DOS attack for 4 days now. I remarked that the source of it are 3 sites : website-traffic.cc (alias 126hits.de), 01autosurf.com and hispanichits.com

They all do the same thing: put people to have a surfbar open and redirects to a list of website (who registered to receive lots of click to get in the top of web stats). I state that I DIDN'T REGISTERED here, but some "special friends" looks like did it for me.


Thus, my site is "visited" from all over the world, even thou I have customer just from my country.


The worst thing is that bandwith is running out very very fast (like 1-2GB per day).


I put in htaccess "deny from www.website-traffic.cc" and RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} website-traffic\.cc [NC,OR]

Nothing works. The visitors are still there.


Have anyone any ideea how I might get rid of this ?



Thank you .

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