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PayPal API troubles - AVS not stopping transaction


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I need some assistance. I have a customer using OSCommerce with the PayPal direct payment API. When an order is placed on his site, the order goes to the checkout_success.php regardless of the PayPal result. I did some tests, and a customer placed an order that failed. In both cases (error 10505 and 10752), the website told us that the order was placed and pending, when it reality, the order failed at the payment processor.


Can anyone help me to figure out how to do the card verification before the checkout_success.php page? I know that it is all processed in checkout_process.php, but it doesn't kick the customer back if it fails. If it could at least do this, that would be good enough for my client.


Thanks so much for any help you can render. I really appreciate it!


Jamie Carter


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If anybody could help me with the code for the PayPal API, that would be good, too. All I need is some way to do credit card verification before the final checkout step. I'm not familiar with the variables in OSCommerce. Is there some documentation on what the variable names are that are passed to PayPal?


Thanks again.

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