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New To OSC Can I Ask A Few Question Please?


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Im new and still learning, im still unsure about a few things. My shop is located at http://www.alliancewargames.com/osc/index.php do i have to rename my osc folder to catalog as it seems most other people do this, or doesn't it matter. So it would be www.alliancewargames.com/catalog/index.php instead.


Finally is it possible to remove the British flag for my language and just replace it with a link to my forums as i will only be using the English language?


Thanks for your help.

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Hello martin,

It dosen't matter what you name your catalog...

You can name it store, shop, mall, or anything u like or u can just install the osc on Your public_html folder to make ur site appear as http://www.yoursite.com, and if you name the catalog as shop . It will appear as http://www.yoursite.com/shop


Good Luck


Thanks alot.

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