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I have looked over all the Pay Pal contributions and I am unsure which contribution it is that I actually need. I have Pay Pal as a payment option on my site, but other than having a Premier/Business account I do not have anything additional with Pay Pal for payments (such as virtual terminal etc.). I do have a stand alone merchant account for credit card processing which works fine, but when I recently had a Pay Pal payment and order nothing from the order showed up in the order section of admin, the email from Pay Pal to notify me of the payment received did not have any of the shopping cart information so I had absolutely no idea what was ordered, for that I had to go and look up the information in the person's basket in the SQL database and manually enter all the information into the proper table manually for it to show up in the admin section. What I am trying to accomplish is for all items ordered and paid with Pay Pal for the order to show up in admin, for the item to not remain in the person's basket on site as though it was never ordered, and for the Pay Pal email to list the product ordered in addition to the tax and shipping charges, which do appear. I presume that after a Pay Pal payment that it does not revert back to my website order complete page, which would be nice also, but not essential. Thank you in advance for pointing me in the proper direction of which contribution it is that I actually need to resolve this issue.

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Problem is that customer did not return to you web site.The paypalIPN fix that in some way,Even with paypal ipn - if customer do not want the paypal account - still have to return to your website manualy - click on return buttom.Peple making mistakes and click on small link at the bottom of the page at paypal.The link should be "Abort,retun to yourwebsite.That is a paypal mess.Dealing with paypal it is not a good idea, but I do not know a better one.

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I sended e-mail to PayPal and request thet they change the link from return to:yourwebsite to Abort and return to:yourwebsite.I dn not know if they will do it, but do not cost me nothing to ask.If more people will send that request -maybe paypal will change their attitude.

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