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The e-commerce.

My Mod Updates...Apologies to all who are waiting


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Hi everyone


Just a quick note to say sorry for the delays in getting all my mods updated and re-released.


Ive been busy, crook and have been moving home over the last few weeks. - yeah yeah no excuse. :roll:


Ive been coding hard for 3 days now and am almost ready to start releaseing updated mods over this weekend.


Mods that i will be updateing for the new Checkout code include:


- Auspost

- AusBank

- CVV for CC

- CommWeb

- Purchase Order


Others that are getting bug fixes and updates include:


- osC Helpdesk (Total re-write)

- osC Affiliate Alpha 2 ( yeah yeah i know its been coming for ages)


Im also going to be releaseing a few other payment modules including:


- Esec Payment Module (Australia)

- Pay it at Post (Australia)

- St George Bank (Australia)

- Hostcharge (MCC version1.1a)


Im also nearing completion of a hosting system based on osCommerce, designed for web hosting companies, this should be ready for pre release around Xmas time. This system will include a recurring billing engine and numerous admin enhancements. ( ill post some more details once im happy with the progress on it. )


Other projects ive started but are on hold include auction and classified mods for osCommerce.


All these mods i try to do in my spare time ( not much of that lately) and of course my own hosting business takes priority over everything as its what helps pay for my hobby 8) :wink:


Anyway stay tuned.

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How good is this guy.......

This guys code is good :-)


Others that are getting bug fixes and updates include:


- osC Helpdesk (Total re-write)

- osC Affiliate Alpha 2 ( yeah yeah i know its been coming for ages)


Hope you feeling much better now.


I look forward to the above two.

Hope priority goes up a few notches.


Your server logs would show an opera browser visiting

every few days to see if there is an update ;-)

That be me, interested in the above two.


Happy coding...


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Hi Steve,

anything new on the recurring orders? Need to think about a solution for a site I am working on.

Had a thought about this and would appreciate your input. Do you think the gift registry/wish list feature I am working on could be the base for standing orders? I copied the code of the shopping cart and use this as the base for the registry. In respect of the standing orders, this would allow the customer to modify/cancel their order. Have a look at http://oscommerce.sammysolutions.com/regis...istry/index.php and let me know what you think.

BTW. Happy New Year!



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ok heres the status


Auspost 1.4 : done...im debuggin it (its actually 1.3 brought up to date for the new checkout.

Auspost 1.5 : workin on....totaly re-write to condense all functions into one module.

Ausbank has already been updated and released.

St George : Cant Be done...WebPay dont answer emails or help out over the phone.

Paymate 1.0 : Done but wont work for some strange reason the paymate site times out every time. (ive contacted paymate but they havent responded yet).

ESEC: Done but have a bit of debugging to do and i need to find out how esec returns error codes so i can incorporate them into the module.

CommWeb 1.3 : Done ...ill upload it in when i remember.

osC Helpdesk 1.1 : Ive been working on a re-write but am taking a different approach with it. (more on that later).

CVV for cc.php 1.3 : almost finished...just a couple of extra functions and encryption to sort out.

PayitAtPOST: looking into the system now.

Technocash : looking into the system now.

Eway : looking into the system.


osC Affiliate : As you know Henri has taken over getting Alpha 2.0 stable (which it basically is) I am now looking at new functionality and enhancements to add to a new Alpha 3.0 :).[/b]


As for the DHTML menu like on the snowtech site (it works but there is no intergration into osC it is a standalone system which has to be manually edited at this stage.


So as you can see i have a lot on at the moment.


Oh and i also have 4 new scripts im developing in my business, and they are taking priority at this stage.


Ive been working flat out over xmas as some of you will know, and have only just recently finished moving house after being crook for ages.


I will get there be patient. :roll:

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Hi Steve.


Great having you back and active. :)

I've made a PurchaseOrder module for the new checkout, so you don't have to worry about that one - it seems to me that you're busy enough without. :wink:

Best Regards


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Kagg's has developed the eWay XML module if this helps take added coding off your plate.


Thanks for all your help and efforts to osC along the way!

Very much appreciated by many... (myself included!) :D




"The price of success is perseverance. The price of failure comes much cheaper."

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Regarding the hosting mod, I was considering doing something similar. I don't know how far you are on with this, but if you want a partner let me know.

Trust me, I'm an Accountant.

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just been wondering if you had a look at the registry (http://oscommerce.sammysolutions.com/registry/index.php).


I need to built a system for standing orders and I think the registry/wish list could be used for this as well (all products in the registry could be billed recursivly.). Not 100% sure if I can get it going that different products have different billing cycles. But this shouldn't be too hard to do.


If you are interested and you think this can work, we might could join forces in that.


Let me know what you think.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Ian i will get back to you in a few days or so, im just finishing a test release based on the latest code.


Gunter, the recurring engine i am building at this stage is specific to my hosting system (only cause im building what i need) however once thats done then we could look at broadening its uses.


I will have a look at your registry now :)

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The only reason we won the last test match was because your guys were saying, oh no not again, whos got the beers, whos doing the BarB.


How come we invent all these sports then go on to get beaten by everybody else. :oops:

Trust me, I'm an Accountant.

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Did you know that Canada used to have a world cup side???


But they were so good that they stopped lettign them play against anyone....Bout time the Poms went and played them i recon....you never know you might even win :lol:


Mind you SriLanka are up and down as well

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I'm also in development of the Pay it @ Post contrib.


Although, i'm only working on the catalog module, not the admin interface. I have a version working for OC2.1, just trying to figure out a better system so that my 2.2 version works much like the PayPal one.


I should be done by mid week we should probably work together, so we dont code the same thing!

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