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The e-commerce.

How to do a few simple change?


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Could anyone direct us in the right direction for editing/modifying the following items?


1. Footer area - we'd like to get rid of the number of views thing and either in that same line or below, we'd like to have links to other pages in the site such as "About Us", etc. Not sure where this file is.


2. The Contact Us page - you land on a page with a form for customers to fill out and send an inquiry. Is there a way we can add a bit of text above that form, under the heading that says "Contact Us"? We would like to add physical address and phone number there. AGain, not sure which file to edit to accomplish this.


3. Would like to change the store to be a fixed width rather than stretching to fill the screen as it does now. Which file handles this sort of stuff?


4. At the top we have added company logos - can't remember which file we did this in!! When I'm done with this I might create a screenshot and have each itty bitty thing labeled with WHERE to go to edit...


5. The bit of text that says "new products for september". I saw it somewhere but now cannot remember. Someone suggested changing that to say something like "featured products". Can that be done or must it post the month? We may not have NEW products each and every month.


Thank you! :rolleyes:

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