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cieto Featured Products with desc V1.0 JUST RELEASE


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HI, thanks for the contribution, looks nice.




i think there may be a few files missing from the contribution ?


following the install readme there is no instruction to define filename_featured in the catalog application_top.


It gets defined for the admin side, but the catalog just gets:


define('FILENAME_FEATURED_SHORT', 'featured_short.php');

define('FILENAME_FEATURED_PRODUCTS', 'featured_products.php'); define('FILENAME_FEATURED_PRODUCTS_SHORT', 'featured_products_short.php');


i actually got it kind of working (without the short description thugh, which i really want :)) byt using the featured.php from the 1.3 release of featured products.


Also, i am just wondering as to whereabouts i enter the short description ? I can add a product in admin, but there is nowhere to enter a description?


Any help greatly appreciated, i wanna get this running ;)





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Matt I got this working by using the other product description we used in new products.


I even got the layout the same from the way you told me.


check it out.




Apart from with this you can control all the products.

Just get Aubrey Killians mod and then use description mod and the admin mod.


Put them altogether and your game on!

Mine works perfectly.



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matt & cc,


can you tell us witch contrib exactly you use to have the layout you have in featured products on your main page.


I've been working on it for many weeks and i don't manage to your great homepage.


please help






Sur un malentendu, ... ?a pourrait marcher

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Well the layout is down to the HTML, which Matt helped me with.


But I have it included in the feautred products hack, and Matt has his on the new_products section.


Altho it seems Matt wants it on featured products too now.


It is actually base on a number of other hacks all put together.

This is what I used, I dont know about Matt.


It uses the following hacks available in contributions:

1) short description in new_products - Modded to work with featured products

2) qty & status display in shop if allowed

3) featured products layout changed completely in the html to make it look the way it does

4) qty hack, mentioned above, integrated to work with the new layout.


Put them together and you have the front page you see on our sites.


I too struggled for a while doing the layout, but between Matt and Kenny I learnt going back to the basics of just plain old HTML you can trasform the look of your OSC site.


Have a go...



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Murat why the hell have you solen my entire colour scheme??


In fact you have used some DL programme and taken my entire css file!!


I hope you have a damn good explaination or you and me are gonna fall out here.



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  • 2 weeks later...



Just wanted to say this site looks fantastic, and has all the mods I require.


I notice you listed the mods you've used and modifiy, but can you please let me know from what version?


Will it work if I download the latest snapshot and then apply the mods you highlight (with some modding of my own).


Thanks in advance.


Nev :)

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It would be hard to say whether it would work with the Post Nov 1st snapshot. With a little work, sure it would work.


Mine is based on an April snapshot, so I am a little out of touch with the latest code.


Although I will be creating my site all over again with the latest snapshot from Jan 2003.

So I will document my complete site with mods and then let you know.


I want keep up to date with the latest version, but I have done too much to mine now to just update it.

So i'll start again, and will then be able to help more people do theirs too.



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