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The e-commerce.

How to edit the main startup page when installed


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How do I edit the Main start uppage when installed


What's New Here?



Welcome back Kevin! Would you like to see which new products are available to purchase?


Congratulations you have successfully installed XosC!




If you see this message this site is not functional. The following products are for demonstration purposes only.


It is best to deactive your site from the admin menu while you set up your XosC ecommerce module.

Set Correct File Permissions


Set the following file/folders to be writeable (chmod 777):


/{Xoops Install}/modules/osC/includes/languages/mainlogo.php

/{Xoops Install}/modules/osC/includes/languages/mainpage.php

/{Xoops Install}/modules/osC/admin/images/graphs

/{Xoops Install}/modules/osC/admin/backups

/{Xoops Install}/modules/osC/images

/{Xoops Install}/modules/osC/tmp


Set Up Your Payment Options


Go into the Xoops "Administration Menu".


Select the "XosC" module icon to access the Admin Menu.


Select: Modules -> Payment


Choose the payment options that best suite you. The XosC adaptation of the original osCommerce has a lot of the most popular payment options preinstalled. It is best to test your payment options thoroughly.


Populate The Catalog


Go into the Xoops "Administration Menu".


Select the "XosC" module icon to access the Admin Menu.


Select: Catalog -> Categories/Products


Delete the items from the catalog or set them to be inactive. You can leave the categories set as inactive or you can delete them. However, make sure you delete the items first before deleting the categories. Once you have your categories set up populate them with your items.


Finalize Setup


Go through the Administration menu and finalize your setup.


Final Check List:



Payment Options

E-Mail Options

Catalog and Items

Set Up Taxes


Test E-mail




* Community support is available at the osCommerce Community Support Forums site.


* Support specific to the XosC module, upgrades and updates check the Fera Tech, Inc. website.



If you wish to download the solution powering this shop, or if you wish to contribute to the XosC project, please visit the support site of XosC. This shop is running on osCommerce version .73

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