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The e-commerce.

Im new to all this


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I need someones help. I just to have my website managed by a family friend and due to certain issues this has now stopepd and im going in alone. The whole website also got deleted so im starting again.


Im trying to edit my index page and keep getting this error message


Error: I can not write to this file. Please set the right user permissions on: /home/congrats/public_html//admin/index.php


can anyone tell me how to do this?




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first ideas:


2 slashes after your public_html


set permissions to 777 on the file in question (index.php)


Make sure your configure files are correct


Tell your friend there is more to life then negativity and give you your files back



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Not sure why it'd be writing to that file anyway, but if you are accessing it via FTP, you should set the permissions for the directory to 755, which should effectively allow the owner read / write permissions, and everybody else read permissions.


If you're working on the machine itself, you'd need to run a 'chmod' command, which you can either post back here for info on, or Google . . .




What rabbitseffort said is correct as well - after you've fixed that, read up on something called '.htaccess' (the . isn't a typo). The admin directory is a bit of a security nightmare if it's left in it's default state, a .htaccess file will reduce the risk.

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Thanks for your responces,

I now can not connect to my site through my ftp programme. The user name is fine but saying password is incorrect. Am i right in thinking this is the same password as what i use to log into my site through oscommerce?

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