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Strange problem - need help


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Sometimes it is the simple things that are overlooked. With that in mind, check to see if your specials have an expiry date.


I checked Expiry dates are showing as blank, there are no dates in that. What else to look for now?

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I'm not sure off hand.


When you say disappear, do you mean the specials price disappears, leaving the normal price without a strike through? Or do you mean the product disappears altogether?

Are you doing anything in admin or to your database prior to this happening?

Have you created a special with an expiry date? If so, did that one disappear before the expiry date?

Have you kicked the PC? If so, how hard?


Details, details. Give us all the info you can.

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There are no expiry dates on any of the specials and all are blank. The normal price remains as it and without the strike through. Only the specials get vanished on some of the items and not all and that too at random without my doing anything in admin or database as if some ghost comes in, does the mischief and its quite puzzling. I am not able to figure out where the problem lies. Let me know what should be done now?

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