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New, Needs Help with Layout


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I'm new to PHP, but have gotten quite a hang of it.


I was wondering what the simplest way is to change the default layout to a classic css layout, still using the osCommerce mainframe. Any ideas?


I know that I can change images, but I have an entire website layout I'd rather use instead. Thanks for the help,



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It's not really straightforward enough for there to be a single post answer. This whole forum is the answer!


Oscommerce has various components. You'll need to get a good grip of at least 3 of them to be able to customise it properly; 1.You'll need to tweak the php code to reorganise the page layouts, 2. The default graphics have to be changed, and 3. You'll spend plenty of time playing with the stylesheet.


You'll need at least a basic grip of all of those to be able to fit it into your own style.

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you can make your own layout if you know photoshop, slice it, then put the base code structure in the places you want to, there are mods like STS if you prefer but that is not my preferred way


But you can change basic stuff and still have an descent osC site----- you can just adjust the stylesheet, boxes class and header and footer files--just those 4 things will get you a nice site that isn't an immediate "That is an osC site"

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