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Is someone (web designer) stealing my orders? PayPal IPN


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I get a lot of people trying to order from my site, but only a few go through to my PayPal account.


Is it possible the guy who set my website up and installed OSC has put something in the database so that certain products would go to his PayPal account when someone orders. I have FTP access to my site, but dont have the passwords for the SQL database so i cant see the contents of the database. Or could i check this somehow by going to backup database and there could be a hack in there so there is an extra paypal account added where he could be stealing my orders.


I am only suspicious about this guy because we were doing the site together but he backed out and now i can see he has made a new site secretly with all my best selling products on it.


I am trying to figure out why most of my customer sales logged in OSC database do not go through to my PayPal account



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Your customers could simply not be proceeding to PayPal to make the actual payment. It isn't uncommon for a customer to think that the screen where you confirm your order is actually the "end".


Have you contacted any of the customers whose orders did not pass through to PayPal? If not, simply send out a message to them individually letting them know that you noticed that they had started the checkout process on item(s) xxxxxx, but that they did not continue to the payment screen. Add in a question of why they chose not to complete the checkout and purchase the item(s). If they respond and let you know that they did in fact go through and send payment via PayPal, then you may want to politely ask for more information (ie, transaction ID #) as you seem to be having trouble with your system. This way you will find out for certain if these customers actually had paid for the item(s), and if they chose not to submit payment the you'll find out the reason (ie, believed the order was confirmed and checkout was finished; decided not to go through with purchase for other reasons), which will help greatly with customizing your shop to better suit your customers' needs.

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For every paypal account you have to have a different e-mail address.You do not need to check the dbase.In /catalog there is file index.php.Look there it is your password.

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Your PayPal account may not be setup to accept payments from non PayPal members so they can't make the payment.


This can be checkek and changed via you PayPal account.

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