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Can I create a quick check?


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Hello, I'm wondering how I can create a quick check out so that the customer can fill out their details and pay without having to register.


I would just like to have the option to register but not having to create an ID if the customer doesn't want to.

Is it possible?

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Thank you, Nullachtfuffzehn!


I set 'Purchase Without Account' (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,355/).


I tested it and there is one problem.

When I finished the shopping, I got an email for confirmation.


The email has 'Detailed Invoice:' section and there's a link to the invoice in the website.

And the link shows sign in page.


If I made my account, there's no problem. I can log in and see my invoice.

But when I didn't make my account, there's no way to see the invoice.


If anyone had the same problem, could you tell me how you solved?

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Don't know exactly how the PWA handles the customers data, but as far as I know, tehy get no customer_id. So you can edit the checkout_process.php and where the link is created put an if statement there like


if (tep_session_is_registered($customers_id)) write link

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Thank you so much, Nullachtfuffzehn!


I thought when shopper choose no registration, the invoice URL in the email shouldn't appear.

So, I put if clause in checkout_process.php as customer_id is 0 or not.

I could solve the problem.


Thank you again!

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