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This is my first experience with osCommerce and it's working great except I get this error on the bottom of my catalog pages:


1054 - Unknown column 'startdate' in 'field list'


select startdate, counter from counter




I'm running version 2.2. I checked the table and initially the table (counter) is setup correctly with a startdate field as char(8) and counter as int(12). I have yet to completely determine why I get that error, but it seems tied into any banner changes. That error shows where the counter is and the banner at the bottom. Once I get that error, though it'll run fine for a while, if I check the counter table it is altered to be:


type varchar(80)

var varchar(80)

count int(10)


instead of the correct


startdate char(8)

counter int(12)


Something is altering my table and that's what is giving my error, but I can't figure out what is doing it. If I alter the table back to what it's suppose to be, all is well for a bit and then it gets changed again and the error starts showing.

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Are you perhaps using two different applications on the same database that share identical tablenames?


For example osCommerce and some forum system?


There is no code in osCommerce that alters the database tables.




PS: If you want to get better replies you should use a subject that describes the problem. "Interesting" is not very appealing to most readers here. "Unexpected table changes - why?" would have been better.


PPS: Read the forum rules. No bump messages allowed.

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I'll check into my tables. Unfortunately I have 125 tables in the database, so it's not easy task to determine if anything else uses that same table. I appreciate your reply and I was unaware of the forum rules and will be good about that in the future.

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