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The e-commerce.

How do i backup everything ?


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I have just installed osCommerce but nothing was working because I had to enable a register_globals script (on the server for $$$). I found a topic found a small edit to use on the includes/configure.php and the admin/includes/configure.php this enabled the register_globals script on the server and it was free of charge.


When I was browsing around the Admin Control Panel, I selected Tools at the bottem, there was a Backup option but I had an error because there was no 'admin/backup/' directory.


I used FileZilla (for FTP file transfers), it was easier to set the file attributes / permissions by using FTP. I Created a new directory called admin/backups and I had to set the attributes / permissions to '770' that's read, write and execute for the Owner and Group only.


Then went to the osCommerce Admin Control Panel and hit the Tools button at the bottem, I clicked on Backup and it asked if I wanted to use file compression, if any. I hit Backup and everything backed up perfect!


I hope this littl story helps to answer your question.

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But the built in backup feature only backs up the database, not the files!


It's highly recommended to download the database backups to your local computer and save them to disk/CD/DVD. Cause when your webserver fails all of your data will be lost.


What goes to the files, you can use the backup feature of your host, but it's always better to make another backup by loading anything down to your local computer and save it also to disc as Jack has suggested.


Notice: It's at least a two step process to back anything up! And save it to disc, in case anything goes worse, your PC fails and the webserver too.

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