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Multiple States Sales Tax

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After spending two hours reading old posts I've learned a lot about Canadian Taxes (What a mess). However I have not been successful in implementing multiple states tax setup for the good 'ol USA.


I have created one Tax Class (Taxable Goods) which I assign to all my products.


In Locations/Taxes I created one Tax Rate for CA at 5%


I've setup Modules>>Order Totals>>Tax to both Off and On and the tax either shows up or not depending upon that setting on the checkout_confirmation.php.


The trouble is when a customer from Florida purchases a product they are being shown (or not depending upon Order Totals Tax Setting) tax and that tax whethor displayed or not is being tallied into the Total.


Can OSC be configured to have user defined US state where tax is added and purchasers in those states are accordingly displayed and charged tax while purchasers not on those states are neither shown nor charged tax?

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I believe I answered my own question. I found this post:


Here's step-by-step hand-holding that I wish I had. I am using OSCommerce 2.2 and this is what i did for my particular case: 

First, in the Admin section 

1) Locations/Taxes --> Tax Zones 

insert --> zone name: NY Only --> Description: Only NY residents will be taxed 

click on the arrow under action --> insert --> Country: United States --> Zone: New York 

2) Locations/Taxes --> Tax Classes 

new tax class --> Tax Class Title: Taxable Goods --> Description: non-food/services 

3) Locations/Taxes --> Tax Rates 

new tax rate --> Class Title: Taxable Goods -->Zone: NY Only --> Tax Rate (%) : 8.0000 --> Description: NY Tax 

(Default is Priority: 1, meaning tax will be added, if zero then it's ignored or excluded) 

Second, in my database (using phpMyAdmin), under "products" category, I made sure all of my items that were to be taxed in New York are marked "1", under "products_tax_class_id", otherwise, the tax will be excluded. 

(or you can certainly use the Admin panel for this step, under Categories/Products, and select Tax Class: Taxable Goods for each product you entered but it's tedious) 

Then I wanted to prices shown in the store to not include the tax until check-out , so in application_top.php, around line 132, 

define('DISPLAY_PRICE_WITH_TAX', true); 

I changed it to false.

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I had the problem of needing to charge sales tax for various states depending on my supplier. Some even charge sales tax for all states. Found this on another post and thought I would share as I had hell finding myself. Key step is in stage 4, I was adding everything under one state. Thanks to Ricky for info;


1. goto to Tax Classes create a class (if one not present) call it "Taxable Goods"

2. goto Tax Zones create 3 zones folders call them 7P, 8P, 14P5, for 7%, 8%, 14.5% respectively.

3. goto to Tax Rates, create 3 rates for 7%, 8%, 14.5% and for each assign the equivalent zone. Put a description on all like "State Sales Tax" that description will come up on the confirmation page and its good to be consistent for each state.

4. ok now start entering the countries/states to the equivalent zones. So goto Tax Zones, double click the tax zones folder for each zone to get to the sub-entries level. Clicke insert, select country & zone accordingly. So Canada Ontario for example will go under the 8P zone folder.


Then once you have a product set with Taxable goods the tax will be added. Shipping is different and you should done with the tax first. Once this is working you could start differentiating with the HST,GST etc. although in my case I keep it as total tax.

Knowledge is useless, unless transferred.

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