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The e-commerce.

What would a retail ecommerce package like oscommerce cost?


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Anything between 20$ and 40.000$.


It all depends on how good the marketing guy/girl is at selling his stuff.

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And flexibility.

If you have a retail package that has good template options, b2b, affiliate shop-stuff etc.

you are looking at a product that could beat osC option-wise...


but then again not in price or service (= community) :)

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before I found OSC, I was looking for other free solutions, but inadvertantly ran into some commericals ones...


the one I saw that seemed the best was StoreFront, though it is ASP.Net and MsSQL/Access... it was $379 for the most stripped down version and $1379 for the fully featured version.

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Save your money. OSC may be lacking a wysiwyg template system but other than that it has many of the features of StoreFront.... maybe not fully developed but it's getting there. The nice thing about OSC are the contributions. That's what got me hooked. Once you have enough contribs installed OSC is a very user freindly system both on the front and backend.


Interchange is another beefy open source e-commerce solution and comes preinstalled with many web hosts running Red Hat Linux. A bit more complicated though...



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