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Problem with osc2.2RC1


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I have a small problem and just looking for direction on where to start


I installed most of the osc2.2rc1 fixes and improvements over the weekend and all seems well except for two behaivors (so far) that have now begun.


1. If a credit card is declined by paypal for whatever (any) reason, customers have always seen an error message of some sort at the top of the (redirected to) checkout_payment page


Now, no error messages appear for a declined card. The customer is just redirected to checkout payment... Any idea?


2. a seperate issue I noticed (if it helps and is likely related) is I use login page ala amazon, and normal behaivor is for the customer to enter an email address on login.php, and then when they continue they go to the create account page where (normally) their email address (already typed in once) carries forward to create_account. this stopped working.


I am guessin this may a session within SSL issue, but have no clue really. There were lots of changes in the rc1 package.


Any advice or a point in the right direction is appreciated.


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is there a more appropriate 2.2RC1 problems thread where I might get a response?


this has got to be some sort of session issue, but after hours of comparing the rc1 files to my backups I can not see what is causing the issue.


any help appreciated. Thank you.


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