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Payment control


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Hi there!


I want to be able to control paymeny types per customer.

So new customers can only pay with credit card, and if I trust them I want to give em acces to all payments methods is there a way to accomplish that?


The only variable I have for a customer is the member discount it gets. Maybe I can do somehting with that? For instance if a customer gets 0% discount that means its a new customer so only credit card

If the customer has a discount percentage that means it;s not new, so alle payments method's can be chosen...


Any help on this subject?

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You could setup either a field that qualifies the customer and then the payment modules need a test added to them to determin should they show.


This test can be done either in the individual payment modules or in the payment class file.


The basic idea is to know when to hide/show an option based on some validation method.


If you look at the Free Shipping and Payments v5.0 you can see how this is done for deciding when to show the free modules or when to show the other modules.


NOTE: v5.0 is for the new November snapshots.

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I *think* Customer Status Update might be exactly what you're looking for so go check that (Contrib / forum thread)




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