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The e-commerce.

Is there a problem with Daily CVS Snapshot (11/20/2002) ??


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I just installed the Daily CVS Snapshot (11/20/2002) , no problem there.

But ! , when i tryed so make a new account og just log y selfe in , i was unable to get to the page i needet.

Further more , im unable to get the the checkout part.

It simply dos not not finde the checkout page and therefore im unable to pay for the items .


This is just me testing the new rls , but i was hoping it was mere stalbe the the earlyer on's or is it it me missing some thing ??


If there is a bug abd there is a lot of work to be don before it works , ill like to get a snapshop from last week , if anybody has is.


Jeg er fra Danmark og det ville v?r en enorm hj?lp hvis der er er Dansker der kan hj?lpe.


Best Regards


Jesper Laulund



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The only thing I can think of is:


Is your SSL link set right ( are you using shared SSL or does your domain have it's own ) check your configure.php in both catalog and admin inside the includes directory to make sure the links are correct.


( You will need to download these files from your server )


If you are not using SSL then you need to set it to false


after you correct the links then reupload them.


Hope this helps!

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