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Custom Customer Report


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I am sort of new to OSCommerce and PHP but I can read PHP pretty well enough and install any of the contributions on this site, so I'm not completely new. Anyway, my question is:

I want customers of a certain group (I have installed Separate Pricing Per Customer v4.20 and created a group called "Pilots") to have an option to print out a hard copy order form that shows their customer number and certain additional fields of my choosing (I also installed the Custom Customer Fields contribution) when they go into their account information (account.php).


What I don't know, and my problems as I see them are:


1. I really don't know how or where to make the If statement about the customer group ex. If customer is of the Pilot group, Then show the link in account.php

2. I don't know how to create the link to the "offline order form" document in account.php mainly because:

3. I don't know how to put the PHP code to pull the customer number/address./custom fields into a html doc that serves as the "offline order form" ex. offlineorderform.php

4. Would it be feasable to make this offline order form open up as a PDF?


What I do know is:

1. I can make an HTML offline order form easily enough in Dreamweaver.


I hope that is clear, and I hope that someone can get me started. Thank you very much!



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