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I may get for flamed for posting here - 'cause I only found osCom today and haven't tried it, and was on the brink of buying an eshop. I've visited several osCom stores and spent an hour reading this forum, and if I was selling shop software I'd be worried.


From what I see - the default behaviour of osCom when customers click on a product to buy, is to direct them to the basket (just like Amazon).

Several commercial products I looked at don't do this (JShop, Erol). Instead, a little window pops up announcing that the item has been placed in the basket.

1. there is no delay as a new page loads.

2. the customer is not taken away from the products.


This feels to me like a better user experience. When I shop in the supermarket, I don't stick my head in the basket or rush over to the checkout between every purchase. And navigating back and forth between product and basket pages takes time, which risks lost sales.


Can osCom be configured to do these popups?

I realize that pop-ups may be problematic - if users have javascript disabled or are running anti-popup applications, but there may be other ways of achieving the same end without using popups.

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Oscommerce doesn't do the popups by default though there may be a contribution to do this. It does allow you to set it up so that when something is added to the cart, it stays on that page and just refreshes. What Oscommerce does do by default is show your shopping cart to you at all times.

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"Got the Cheerios!" *running to the checkout* *pant, pant* *sets down Cheerios on counter* "Gotta get milk now!" *sprint* *pant, pant* "Good - got the last one." *grabs milk and runs back to checkout.* *sets down milk next to Cheerios.* "What's next... strawberries!" *running off to the fruit section*


I agree - it is a major pain to go to the checkout each time. However, since adding a product to the basket is only one line that is called in application_top.php, I'm sure it would be easy to create a contribution that has a pop-up window that runs the line of code to add the product to the basket, and lets you shut down the window right after that.


- Jonathan

Download osCommerce Order Editor v1.2 Here:


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One slight problem with the pop-up windows on Erol is that a lot of Firewall software blocks them. This causes your site to break. I suppose you can use new target window link, rather than pop-up?


Any of you guys implement the pop-ups?

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