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External Product Configurator

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I would like to use and external product configurator hosted on suppliers site


Basically the way it works is:


1. Customer clicks on a link to the configurator.

2. The configurator opens in a frame on my site and looks to the customer as tho they are on my site.

3. The customer goes through the drop down menus selecting various product until they reach their specific model required.

4. They click on the product from the suppliers list and it adds that item to their basket on my store, or transfers them to the product.


Here is an example of how it works


I think basically all I need to know is can i add frames to my website so when they click on the link in my store they see the configurator in the middle of the screen and its surrounded by the rest of my site IE column_left and right and the header and footer.


Thanks in advance for any help


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Depends on whether the configurator has an API that sends you the required data back to your site.


Hi , I would assume they have as they say once the customer has selected which product they would like it sent back like


The e-commerce abilities of the configurator allow for a customer to find and select a part in the configurator and for this part to be returned

and added to the user's 'basket'. This is done using a return URL such as:




However in the link I first posted I went through it and it didnt give me an option to buy just view the product which then takes me back to their site on that products page

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Can some one tell what the code that adds a product to a basket?

is it a url like www.your_web_shop.com/add_to_basket.php?PartNumber=[PART HERE]

or is it completley different to that?


Is it possible to add a product to a cart using an external link like above using the part number?

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Please somebody help, Kingston are ready to set it up for me, they just need to know the url to send the data back to

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