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A Few Questions - to use attributes or not


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I am selling hair care products. I have several products that come in different sizes or weights (example, 12 oz or 33 oz).


I will be set up to use USPS calcuated shipping. My understanding is that they base their shipping on pounds.


I have applied the attributes and used weight as an option on one product just to see how it looks. I have not gotten it to work exactly the correct way, but it gives me an idea. (see here for example: Visit My WebsiteI do not like that you have to go to the product information page to see options, and I dont like that the options are in a pull down menu, just to name a few.

Question #1 - Does usps go by weights in the attributes?

Question #2 - Will it total the weight of all products?

Remember - I have weight entered at ounces. And from what I am reading, I am not sure If I did it correctly.


The other products, I set up as a seperate product for each weight, with the weight in the product name. You can see an example if you go to the above link, and look at a different product.

Question #3 - If i keep them listed like the above (with the weight in product name), Do I need to change the weight to a decimal in the product enter/edit page, (since the weight is in ounces), for shipping purposes?


Question #4 - How can I get my information to display like this page?


Question #5 - Is this done with attributes or something else?

Question #6 - If I use attributes, or whatever displays like the example above, will the weight being in ounzes mess up the shipping?

Question #7 - If q#3 is yes, how would you go about displaying the actual ounces, but figuring shipping on pounds?

Question #8 - Or would it be better to use attributes, so that I can display the actual ounces, and do a flat shipping?


Thank you in advance for your response!

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