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tep_mail problem?


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Howdy, first post here so forgive me for any fault in editquite.


My website went 'live' recently. I now find myself with hundreds, going on thousand, of 'failure notice' emails comming into my in box. I realise that this is someone forging my address to send spam. I read through the other forums and found that there was a flaw in the "contact us" form and I intergrated all suggested patches. Nothing worked. I then tried removing the form totaly from the contact us page. I still got bounces. I tried turning off all email settings at the control pannel. Still got bounces.


Finaly, in frustration, I went to /catalog/includes/function/general and just commented out the entire tep_mail function. This is fine with me as I neither want a form box on the contact us page, nor do I have a newsleter or any other reason to send mail to customers through OSC.


Im still getting bounces. Is it even posible for a spammer to be using my website to send out mail if I dont have a tep_mail function? Is there anything else in OSC that might be used to send spam that looks like it came from my website?

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