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The e-commerce.

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Dear all,


We are testing our online web store specialising on Peru Trips.




Please help to review our Peruvian Best Travel Agency if you have a little time, really appreciate your feedback.


I would also like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you for all osCommerce Contributors.





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It looks like standard osC with a different heading and a few colour changes. Not a lot one can say.


It would be nice to know where you are and where the tours start!


Are these just city tours? What is included in the itinerary? Does the "Gate to the Inca Empire" include all flights, accommodation and meals? I rather doubt it!


Why not give people your address to write to or visit?


What are the "Tools" for? I found them rather weird! Why would you want to send your customers off for a speed test? Why send them to a copy of your site?


It was just luck that I saw the weather map! It took a LONG time before it loaded. Suggest you put in a note something like "Please wait 30secs for map to start loading"


"Public Scheduled" might be better called something like "Schedule of Excursions"


Should "continue on the extension of your choice" be "excursion"

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Yes, is a standard osC Milestones 2.2. We are from Lima, Peru, and we thought to initiate the sale of tours as soon as possible.


We are still publishing the content of our packages tourist, although the content of some of them is not finished.


You are right, so I replaced the Public Scheduled (google calendar shared) with events calendar 5.5 contrib. and I am thinking a better method to offer the weather.


The reason to bring up a speed test is because the suppliers of Internet connections in Peru are expensive and bad (telefonica=timofonica in spain), also in my country, sometimes my broadband connection (ONO 4Mb) is bad.


thanks for the commentaries, we followed working in our project of travel agency in Peru.


excuses by my English

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