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Can't register session variables when their value is non-english (i.e Greek). Help!


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Hi guys


I searched (hopefully thoroughly) for an answer but couldn't find one, so here is my first post!


My problem is basically this:


The tep_session_register function will crash when I try to register a variable the value of which is in Greek, which is the main language I'm using on the site.

For example, in the login page, when I press the login button and the user's name is in Greek, the page will just refresh (no message) because tep_session_register('customer_first_name'); will crash. This does not happen when the content is in English.


What I know so far:

1. The problem does not lie with the database data because the same thing happens when I try to register a variable the value of which I have assigned directly in the page's code.

2. When there is no session (i.e. the first time I try it) pressing the login button will take me to the home page. After that, it just refreshes (no message is displayed).

3. As I said above, everything is fine when the variable is in English.


This is driving me crazy as, to my knowledge, there are no encoding settings or anything like that for http sessions. I'm no expert though (especially in osCommerce's inner workings) so I thought I'd ask here.


Thanks in advance for your help.



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Ok, made some progress but still haven't (totally) resolved this.


Session variables DO get registered, but then are lost when I change pages. Reason is that when the content is in Greek, they do NOT get written in the sessions table in the Database. When the content is in English they're fine.


I should mention that I use Greek without problems in other tables and that all tables' encoding is greek.


I tried changing the session storage from mysql to file and it DOES work. I might go with that if I can't find a solution to this problem, although I don't really know which method is best?


Thanks again



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