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osCommerce Inside a Frame and Paypal?


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Hello all :-)


I recently started using osCommerce and almost everything is working fine except one thing.


I have set the site up so that there is a "pretty" url I purchased (e.g. "www.abc.com") which simply contains an enter page, when you click enter it loads my main site which has PHP and MySQL but has a long ugly url (e.g. "www.blahblahblahugly.com") into a html frame at www.abc.com.


This means that although the user may be at "www.blahblahblahugly.com/catalog/index.php" the url that is show in the browser is simply "www.abc.com" because the frame hides the address.


This is working perfectly for the site except with paypal through Internet Explorer. When the site is viewed in Firefox when I click complete order it correctly sends orders through to Paypal so the user can pay. But when this is done in Internet Explorer, a paypal site loads but it says there is an error, as if the information has not been passed over correctly from my site to paypal.com.


To make sure it was the frame that was causing the issue I loaded the site using the long ugly url in Internet Explorer and the information was passed correctly to paypal and it works so I believe the frame is what is causing this problem.


Does anyone have any ideas why this may happen, I know Internet Explorer and Firefox are different pieces of software and therefore function slightly differently, which in the past has caused me many formatting/layout issues but I was unaware that it could cause errors such as this.


If anyone is able to suggest any solution to this problem, or simply point me in the right direction I would appreciate it very much (I already did a search in this forum for various things such as "paypal frame" "oscommerce frame" "firefox internet explorer frame" etc but I was unable to find a solution).


Also I appologise if my explanation is a bit hard to understand, I really did try to make sure it makes sense :-)


Thank you

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