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credit card error messages


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Okay...here goes.


I place an order using a credit card and I enter everything in correctly except for the CCV number on my card, I change one number. I click confirm on the checkout_confirmation page and it brings me back to checkout_payment with an error messege that just says, "Credit Card Error! This transaction has been declined." It doesn't even specify what the customer may have accidentally done wrong just says that it was canceled, which I think will get a lot of customers pissed off.


I've been using a grep tool and searching for the exact wording of "This transaction has been declined." and it doesn't find a thing, not one. It just doesn't make sense how it could not find that when I can pick out any words from the site, search for them and it will find them almost immediately.


The closest I've come to so far is I searched for just Credit Card Error and it notifies me of line 309 on checkout_payment.php that says

<td class="main"><b>Credit Card Error!</b></td> but that's it, no text anywhere that might indicate the message that shows.


I've located where the other error messages are like wrong billing address or wrong expiry date, but theres nothing else on those pages. I just want to be able to clearly explain to customers what they might have done wrong when and error comes up when purchasing with a credit card. I don't want them to give up and just say "oh forget it."


Anyone ever come across this problem or know how to find what I'm looking for?


Thank you in advance.

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The error messages are returned by your CC provider. You can see the returned values when you debug the HTTP_GET_VARS['payment_error'] variable.

Hi Manfred,


I have the

"if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['payment_error']) && is_object(${$HTTP_GET_VARS['payment_error']}) && ($error = ${$HTTP_GET_VARS['payment_error']}->get_error())) {"


Which looks correct but when a declined card is ran through by a customer ,there is no indication to the customer whatsoever. It just goes right back to the empty login screen. I just talked to Authorize.net and they said they are passing declined messages back to my site, I am not sure why it is not working?

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