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Own SSL vs shared one


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Hi, all


I am currently using shared SSL provided by my host. Is there any advantages in getting my own one?


From what I heard, shared one does not work well with search engine friendly URLs.


Any advise on what is better to use?




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I don't know about the SEO disadvantages, never heard of any and I wouldn't think that would matter much. But Shared SSL load secured pages a lot slower then a dedicated SSL on a dedicated IP. If you can I would recommend getting a dedicated SSL and just using the shared to secure images and links that are embedded in files that might cause non secure page issues.

Search the forum and contributions before posting. If that doesn't work, keep looking, then post. The forum is for seeking help and advice NOT for someone to do your work for you. Try to do something on your on, if you are going to run a shop then learn how it works.

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Search engines do not and should not index SSL'ed pages.

Shared SSL slower than own SSL? In theory, yes. in practice, not necessarily. This is just like shared hosting vs own server hosting (speed-wise). I believe most osc shops are being hosted on shared servers. as long as the shared server is powerful enough to cope with the work load, there's no difference there most of the time. and in my experience from the shared SSLs I have been using, as a human being, I can not notice the difference between a shared SSL and a dedicated one.


Mixing shared SSL with a dedicated SSL on one site is an odd thing to do say the least.



commercial support - unProtected channel, not to be confused with the forum with same name - open to everyone who need some professional help: either PM/email me, or go to my website (URL can be found in my profile).

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