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Which Delivery Mod? *confused* :)


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I need a delivery mod that I've seen a couple of people talk about on the forums (not just this one), but I'm not sure if one actually exists?


Basically we deliver locally for free, but since we are hoping to finally put the shop on the net (with the help of OsC :) ) we still need to be able to process any deliveries to our surround postcodes with free delivery...but we don't really want people in other areas to see this option at checkout?


I'm not really sure how to go about it? or if there is a mod thats already been done for osc that'd suit? Hehe or maybe we should just start charging for delivery :)

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My Free Shipping module could be customized for this.


Or, you could take Flat and re-write it to another name and have it only work based on zip codes or something that you want to use for a validation for it.

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I have a function that returns a true or false statement to make the modules appear or dispappear with the free shipping and free payment modules.


All I did was surround the enable setting with an IF statement which blocks the display or allows it.


Example in items.php


// BOF: WebMakers.com Added: Free Payments and Shipping

if ( tep_get_free_shipper($this->code) ) {

     $this->enabled = MODULE_SHIPPING_ITEM_STATUS;


// EOF: WebMakers.com Added: Free Payments and Shipping


This is part of the Free Shipping and Payment v5.0


You could utilize that and modify the functions for the shipping test and payment test as needed for additional things besides should the Free Shipping or Payment modules show.

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I think your right - All i need to do is modify the Flat rate module,...because its really only a simple free or not free statement.... :) hehe but I'm still not sure on how to go about it...? like the code to use to make only show at checkout if delivery matches certain postcodes....and also I'm not sure how to go about setting up how to enter the postcodes...


If I come up with anything intelligent I'll post again :)

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