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I recently tried to install a contribution, and it would not work and all I got was a white screen. After alot of trouble shooting, the designer tried something. He removed a required file from the classes directory to see what errors he would receive. He received 3-4 lines of errors, but when I did the same thing...only a white screen!


Any ideas as to what file or files I should take a look at or something to look for?


Thank You,



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If this is a new install - and you dont' have much effort gone in the system - re-install should restore the files to working state.


Else if you want to t/shoot, begin with one page at a time - which page is coming as blank?

If you start with filename.php that is showing up as blank - check syntax, any opening or closing ) or } missing?

Comment out chunks of code - and see if that makes a difference.


for all you know it could be just because of a missing ; in some line !!!

If nothing works, post complete code of page that is coming as blank - and the file name - I am sure folks in the forum can review the code for you and point out - what could be missing.



Best Regards,

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The website is fine and all is working. The problem is I can't see my errors. For example if I removed a needed file, I don't any error messages, just a blank screen!


Kinda funny having an issue only when I make the site not work..



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this is to do with PHP configuration

There is an option in php.ini called display_errors and is set to off, which is a good idea. (some errors can give potential attacker too much info about your site).


If you are the owner of the server, you can temporarily turn it on. (you will have to restart web server application).


I host somewhere, but have my own Linux-based web server that I use as a disaster recovery and playground site. It has a duplicate of my site and my database and I can test my changes on it. Once I am happy, changes get uploaded to a live site.



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