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any add on for things like size, color, quality etc...


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In the catalog, are there any add ons or anything i can use to add attributes to my products such as being able to choose color, size, quality etc...?


Thanks, any help would be appreciated

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Login to your Admin


Click on: Catalog --> Products Attributes


That's where you can do what you need to do.


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Go to your admin section, and select Catalog on the left hand side. From there select product attributes. Then you have to enter your info in this order:


1. Product Options

2. Option Values

3. Product Attributes



In the first area, you'll put your attribute name, such as color, etc. Then in option values, you will select which option you want in the drop down menu, and start naming the options in that category such as blue, red, green, etc. Then go down to the third section and pick the category and the product, and then you can assign how much extra you want each option to be. If you don't want a price on the options, then leave the price field blank, but you still must enter them down in this section, or they will not appear on your pages simply from entering info in the first two sections.


Hope that helps!!


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