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Upgrading from Milestone 2 Update 051113


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I have an older store running under osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 Update 051113 that was selling a limited catalog and doing just fine for the amount of business it was doing, but I now need to expand the site to products beyond simple flats. I've checked around the forums and the docs, and can't seem to determine the best way of upgrading to RC1 - a pointer would be greatly appreciated.


(Sidebar; since I need to do more serious USPS shipping, if anyone knows of a "Shipping for Knuckleheads" site that may have a 101 tutorial, not on osCommerce integration but how best to determine shipping rates in the first place, I'd really appreciate that, too...)

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Ok, as someone else posted a pointer to update-20060817.txt, I have to ask if there is a legacy area where I can find the various updates to up-patch my Milestone 2 Update 051113 to something upgradable by RC1. I can't find anywhere a simple list of releases/milestones/whatever one wants to call "official" versions of this software. Pointers would be appreciated, as I am not unfamiliar with PHP and SQL, and should need little handholding once someone points me in the right direction on this website. Thanks.

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