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how can I add images into subdictionary folder working well with the contrubution of UltraPics - MS2?


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Hi, I have installed the contribution of UltraPics - MS2, and it works well.

I want to add the product images to it's Subdirectory. For example, I want to add dog.jpg to the dictionary catalog/image/animals/dogs/dog.jpg

I have tried all of the contributions I could found, But all of them seemed to be wrong.


Is there any contributions work well with UltraPics - MS2?



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I'm having the same problem too


When creating an item, and uploading the image from my PC, I want to be able to set the save path on the server so that the images directory has sub-directories, and not tens of thousands of images in one images folder.


I can't believe that something so basic to the functionality of a catalogue/store system was missed out



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