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The e-commerce.

It is possible / What would I use?


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Sorry if this is in the wrong section or nothing to do with this forum but I have searched and searched and can't seem to find anywhere that answers my problem.


I am pretty new to this but if pointed in the right direction I should be able to work it out over time.


I want to create a form (I assume it needs to be a form) to use in osCommerce that is a custom order form with drop down boxes. The form is for example to order something made up of different amounts of ingredients.


Example - 1 drop down box will have a list of ingredients where they can choose one kind and then next to that I have a text input box where you can type in an amount you want of that (in terms of weight), repeat this same line of 2 boxes about 10 times. And then at the end have the total amount for the weight and the total for the price. This would then be added to the cart and they could make payment as they normally would


Kinda of like what the custom computer builder does but with the added option of a amount by weight text box.


Could i just modify the custom computer builder to do what I need maybe?


Once again sorry if this is a really newb question or doesn't make sense...



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Thanks heaps for that.


That helps me to add items but I can't specify a certain amount that is the main part of it. Don't know of anyway of just having the drop down boxes as you do with attributes but also having a box next to it where the customer can input the amount of that they want?


Thanks again.

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I have searched through all 68 pages of contributions and the only thing I can find that is kinda of on the right track is this - http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ns,3779/page,43 and all that does is allows you to order decimal amounts of things.


If I could integrate that with products atributes I'd be almost half way there....


Don't know of any of those sites using what I am after do you?... Or any hints as to keywords I could search?



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Or maybe as another option there might be a way to have the details in a excel file and maybe someway to have customers import that excel file they have filled out?


Anyone ever seen this happen?


If not anyway interested in being paid to create something I am after?

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Thats getting closer again but not what I need. Doesn't this only allow you to have more then one of the same entire product?


I really need something like this next to individual attributes ie ingredient 1 (100gm's) x 5, ingredient 2 (100gm) x2 etc and then add up the costs within that order/page. That only adds a quantity box next to the buy now section.


Thanks again for your help. The search continues.

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