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How to add custom fields to order form?


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I'm farily new to all of this. I have a live cart in action but need to add custom fields to the order form details. I know how to add rows to mySQL but I need a helping hand with the PHP code to add them to the order form and subsequent order information.

What I need is an option for the customer to specify a delivery date and also a basic text box to add a greeting message for the recipient.

I've searched through the forum and cannot belive that nobody has needed this option added,

Any help/pointers would be much appreciated,



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couldn't you simply use the comment box that is already in the order process and prompt your customer to enter the info there? might be a much easier fix ... depending on what you are using to process payment, you can also move the comments section to before the completion of the sale.

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That would be the easiest fix but for a flower shop you need three fields


1 delivery date


2 card message (ideally with some javascript to a database of card messages.


3 Occassion type (wedding, funeral, entice someone else's wife, etc.)

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I can't remember the name of the contribution at the moment but, there is one for custom atributes that should work for your purposes. It adds check boxes or text fields, or dropdowns. Look for attributes instead of comments....

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well if you want the options to be listed per item, simply work with the many attribute contributions and list the options there - for example: one of your attributes could be Occassion with a drop down choice of Wedding, Birthday, Funeral, etc. There is also a contrib that allows for text box entries which would work for delivery date.


just some thoughts - would probably be more efficient to have customers choose per item, rather than per order since they might want to purchase flowers for more than 1 occassion.


whatcha think?

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Now that that mod has been updated to work with the current release I think it might be a solution. Presently I am tied up with making my existing modifications work with the current release first (my store is divided depending on whether a customer chooses to export tropical flowers or wants to deliver flowers on the island). http://www.florista-pr.com is the test site with the old release.


As soon as I finish that work I will try the mod. Thanks very much for your suggestions.

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