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The e-commerce.

A few questions


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As the title says, I am new to osCommerce and using commerce scripts in general. First let me start of by telling you a bit about my situation. I live in Melbourne, Australia, and I own a women's fashion store. And then I thought a little bit about it and I thought that opening a website would be great to boost my sales. And I came across osCommerce.


Now, I wanted to get a few things clear. Since I live in Australia and we have GST (basically tax) on goods, I wanted to add that in. But since the GST only applies to customers in Australia, I wanted to know how I could configure it to make a 10% GST tax on goods shipped to customers in Australia. I hope someone knows a way around doing that.


Secondly, since its a fashion store, I want to obviously sell a wide range of clothing. One of my other problems is that when I add a product, just say a t-shirt for example, I want to add options such as Size, and maybe Color and other options that customers would choose from before they add the item into the cart. So if I post a product, I would like it to show on the product page or the checkout page or whatever, I would like a page for the selection of what Size/Color they want. Hopefully someone out there will know.


I am new to osCommerce and building this sort of website in general, so any step-by-step instructions would be greatly appreciated. And so far this website has cost me a lot of money and I haven't been able to do anything with it, and I was beginning to think I had wasted all my money.


Thanks for your time, and I look forward to talking soon!

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You got to define tax zones for outside of Australia. You may want to look at the howto sections of the forums to get a detailed description of how to set it up properly.


To manage the attributes you can either use the built in functions at admin->catalog->products attributes or a contrib like QT Pro. The standard functions are not very easy to handle and the attributes have to be added for each product manually. Also you can't manage the quantity by sizes or colors. QT Pro works around this. But it has to be installed, which means there has to be some PHP code added to your files and the database needs some changes. Don't know if you feel able to do it yourself.


And don't forget to backup the files and database before making any changes!

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Wow! Thanks for the fast reply!


The tax zone seems easy enough =)

For the attributes I will have a look at the QT Pro and get back to you.

Thanks for your help. Any further help is also appreciated.


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Ok, wow, this is incredibly hard to install. I also have a different skin for my osCommerce so I dont want to overwrite the files.

What version should I use as there are a lot of listings.


I really need to get this done. Its for a friend and I am getting paid A LOT to setup his website, so I will pass some on to anyone that can help me out here.

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