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The e-commerce.

any way to STOP osc from making the images undownloadable


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but i don't know if they will.


Well, if they don't:


Take out the .htaccess protector files, then access the images directory in your browser. Then save each one [save target as] onto your hard drive.


What a nightmare.

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i know, that's what i'm gonna have to do. since, technically, i am the web host.







i hate this.


and yeah, i've done that before, where i had to save them one by one if they were deleted from my hd. oh, or my favorite, when a client has deleted them for HIS hd. my, that was oddles of good times.



oh well, no use belly aching, might as well do it. so this really is the only way?

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since, technically, i am the web host.


You are the webhost but you cannot go in as nobody and change permissions ? Weird! Do you control your hosting services using a control panel then ?


Most hosts would also use the command line, do you not have this functionality ?

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here's the deal.


i got tons of gig space, and tons of band width, and it's not doing nobody no good.


the only reason i bought the server was cuz i wanted the drive space and i wanted it for a decent price. it was actually cheaper to buy the server (or rent it).


i don't know nothing about web hosting. someone else owns the other side and he does the technical stuff, so i have to wait till he gets on.


i do have a file manager in my control pannel though.



*frown* i just found it TODAY, after having this server for more than two months. lol.


man that's sad. the only good thing is that i usually trade a years worth of free space for a few scripts for osc, so it's got its advantages.


anyhow, i donno. i guess there's a file manager. i can always go into there and change the chmod. it's plesk so it's easy to use. i had an ensim (or whatever) before, and that was living HELL.


let me fiddle with it a bit.

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