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I have (only on my test site)


Setup a product that can be downloaded.


It is an antivirus product and the company the developed offer various licenses for it IE:


1 user 1 yr

1 user 2 yrs

1 user 3yrs


3 users 1yr

3 users 2yrs

3 users 3yrs


5 users 1yr

5 users 2yrs

5 users 3yrs


I have currently setup the options for the 1 user.


If I added to the cart as 1 user 1 yr the price is fine


If however I add it 1 user 2 yrs the price is amended in the cart it is correct, however the subtotal seems to add the attribute value again

its also the same if I do the 1 user 3yr option, the price in the basket is fine but the subtotal adds it again.


However if I continue through the checkout process it does charge the correct amount, I am just dont want to scare potential customers off with the attribute cost looking like its being added twice.


Can anyone tell me why this happening and how I can fix it ?


Here is a link to said product, you can go through the whole check process and use Nochex which goes to their test gateway and see for yourself



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Can anyone please offer some advise as to why this happening.


If an order is placed the correct amount is shown checkout_confirmation page, although the basket displays it incorrect, It added the attribute cost twice for some reason

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Here is a screen shot.

The product price is £24.49

The option selected has and additional £5 added

As you can see in the box the price is correct however the subtotal and the price in the cart box on the right has an additional £5 added to it?


I have cleared all the options and values from the DB and re-created a couple but still having this problem :(

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