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FeedBack Please


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I have as good as finished with the visual look, still got to install the ssl but as this is my first shop I am setting up for a friend just need some feedback to make sure I am going in the right direction before i complete the payment bit.


All comments welcomed.


HERE it is



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Since I posted this thread I have completed the SSL,


Mods I done on this were:-


work though all the top level pages to make them all fixed width and centered, installed a mod for the category links, change the css file, installed the scrolling specials box, swapped around some of the boxes, created buttons for the Horizontal nav accross the top, added the dynamic sitemap and installed a thumbnail optimizer contribution.


If anyone can see anything else that can be made better or anything which is not functioning correct would love to hear, stock still be uploaded so no real orders yet.


Still on the to do list is to get rid of the small icons that appear at the top right of the content like the man on the surf board, I will be keeping this feature but replacing the icons with something more appropriate.





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My quick thoughts:



I personally find the page background a real distraction when the page edges should not be the focus of my attention at all! May just be me though......


Text on product description is very heavy and needs breaking down into smaller chunks to aid readability.


If I press My Account I get a warning about non secure items (IE)



Other than that I like the look and feel of the site.


best wishes,


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It's probably the flash header which is causing the ssl warning messages. In the code change the two http links to Macromedia to https and it should be fine.




Thanks for the feedback, Thanks Vger for you feedback you were spot on, I wish i had seen your reply before troubleshooting to fix the problem that would have saved me 30 mins :rolleyes:


Thankyou to madcrazygirl for noticing the pop up box on IE i had not tested it in IE since adding the ssl, As for the background I tends to agree, I have changed the graphic now for a darker one but this is still a bit to busy so will have a play with that over the next few days,


Yes just looked at the product description and I see there is few paragraphs, the person doing the uploading is doing a copy and paster job so will point that out to him.


Thank you very much for all the feedback exactly what I needed


Thanks again all



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