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Is there a Template php file for information pages


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I suppose the subject says it all really. Has anyone got a stripped down php file with a nice big <--Stick your own HTML code here --> comment in it that can be used as a template for information pages. My plan is to have these pages with the header, footer and boxes still in place, so that it looks like the rest of the shop.


Thanks in advance

Many Thanks,



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just use shipping.php

Where it says 'echo TEXT_SHIPPING_BLA' is where you should

paste your html.

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Better Solution:


Grab the following files:





Save them onto your hard drive as




When you want a new page, open up /includes.application_top.php and add:


define('FILENAME_ABOUT_US', 'about_us.php');


(I've assumed here you want a new page named "about us"


Upload application_top.php into /includes/


Upload template.php into your main PHP pages area. Rename it to about_us.php


Upload /includes/languages/english/template.php and rename it about_us.php Set chmod 777


Go into admin > define languages > about_us.php and type your information.



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If you have r00t, you could even do it on the server "live".


cd to your includes/languages/english/

and then:


cp conditions.php about_us.php


cd to your main PHP area (catalog) and do cp conditions.php about_us.php

then pico the about_us.php file and change the lines

require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/' . FILENAME_XXXXXX); to reflect your new page (I forgot to mention this in the above example).


The cd to /includes/ and pico the application_top.php to add the "DEFINE" statement as int he post above.


Done. From memory so may take some farting about with.

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