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Variable Price Products


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95% of the time customers come to my OSCommerce site and buy retail, check out, and I never have to deal with them in person.


However, 5% of the time I get large customer calling that wants a bulk discount. Each time the discount is different as there is usually some negotiating that happens before we settle on a bulk price. Typically, what I do is process the credit card manually through the credit card company's website, and send them the products without processing them through OSCommerce.


This is not ideal as the customer doesn't get the advantage of automated order tracking, account status and history and a variety of other benefits. As well I like keeping all my customer information in one place.


So first thing I did was check the contributions for something that would work...


I've checked into Group Pricing, which is a module that allows you to create a customer group and assign certain customers the pricing for that group. This doesn't work for me since each customer is getting a custom quote, often negotiated over the phone.


I just looked at Linda's Offer Price and Call for Price modules, which also do not work as offer price clutters up the site for only 5% of all requests. I'd be confusing the majority of my users that will be just buying retail without questioning a lower price.


How do I set a custom price per unit for certain products so that the customer can self administer / check out at the negotiated discount price?


Andrew Edmond

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