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Checkout Error


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I am receiving the following error when I go to checkout


1054 - Unknown column 'c.customers_telephone' in 'field list'


select c.customers_firstname, c.customers_lastname, c.customers_telephone, c.customers_email_address, ab.entry_company, ab.entry_street_address, ab.entry_suburb, ab.entry_postcode, ab.entry_city, ab.entry_zone_id, z.zone_name, co.countries_id, co.countries_name, co.countries_iso_code_2, co.countries_iso_code_3, co.address_format_id, ab.entry_state from customers c, address_book ab left join zones z on (ab.entry_zone_id = z.zone_id) left join countries co on (ab.entry_country_id = co.countries_id) where c.customers_id = '2' and ab.customers_id = '2' and c.customers_default_address_id = ab.address_book_id




Release: osCommerce 2.2 cvs snapshot nov 10

Mods: Added Paypal IPN and an administrative mod in addition I took out the telephone, fax, and newsletter options on the form and in the database which is why I am getting this error. I looked through all the files and took out all the telephone, fax, newsletter I could find but this error is still eluding me.

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