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Earthlink Web Server


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Running on a very low budget, limited programming skills, and a lot of heart, I helped my girlfriend start a small business making her own jewelry and selling it online.


Six months ago we were approached by an Mcart.com reseller who convinced us to switch to his platform for orders. Our web hosting is done by Earthlink but all cart-related operations (browsing, adding, checking out, sending encrypted email orders) are done through this reseller's secure server.


Having used this software a while, I have to say we are disappointed at how limited it is. Through weeks of web surfing I came to your website, and I am hoping someone could point us in the right direction!


1) As I understand it, Earthlink has secure servers that are PHP4 capable, so running osCommerce on it would not be a problem.


2) We are looking for a way to import our inventory easily from a format that is also easy to update (ideally a spreadsheet, maybe Excel or the OpenSource one?) But we are flexible and can change our ways!


3) Is it possible for products to be displayed to the end user, based on some simple parameters? For example, arrange items in a thumbnail grid format, which then may be clicked to enlarge to a full description page (all information which is fed from the imported spreadsheet data)?


4) With osCommerce is it possible to implement things like: [You are on page xxx of yyy], [Quick Browse: <Previous 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 Next>]? How hard is it to do this?


5) Does osCommerce work with PayPal? Can someone give a little detail on how this is done? All that we would need is, after the whole checkout process is complete, maybe a link to [Pay thru PayPal] or something.. Help!


We've learned a lot in the past few months, but we've made some costly mistakes. Also, we are newbies but we will eagerly read whatever you point us to (RTFM, I know .. we really will though).


Thanks all..



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You will need a mySQL database to run osCommerce too. Don't see you mentioning that, but without one it just will not work. PayPal is supported,

grid thing will be something else but there is a contribution called something like 'products everywhere' that handles this. You are on page nn of nn is standard on listings. Check the demo site to get a good feel on osCommerce. And check out www.oscdox.com to RTFM :) since there is not too much info about on the main site except for the FAQ section (not counting these forums. )




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