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The e-commerce.

Backup and restore problems!


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Help is the best way to start this...


Recently bought an oscommerce store template through template monster.

My designer uploaded to our server (media temple).

We followed every little installation step provided and then some.

We used a mac computer.

All was fine until we went and created a back up of the work we had done.

The installed site disappeared from the browser and as did the admin panel.


Our only option was to go in through ftp and remove the backed up file.

We then reinstalled the whole template from scratch, checking through all file permissions.

We restored the site using the back up.


The problem still occurred.


Support at template monster has confirmed it is not a problem with the template or its installer program.


We are not programmers!


If anyone has any input on this headache, please let me know asap. I am now willing to pay for successful support!


Cheers :'( :'( :'(

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Good ol' templatemonster. I wish I was as good as they are since they never make a mistake, or so they say so often. ;)


Is this a new site, other than the template? I ask because, even though you didn't say, it sounds like you were trying to backup from the admin. If the database is too large, which it shouldn't be on a new site, it is possible for the admin to appear to disappear since the backup can fail. However, just clearing the browser will get it back. But if you then tried to do a restore, that's a different story. If you used some other method to backup, please explani what that was.



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