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The e-commerce.

Sometimes not getting my orders


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Under configuration, I put my email address [email protected].

When customer place an order, sometimes I receive an email in my [email protected] with the "Order Process" - all the order information, like the product they ordered, their contact info, the time they ordered, etc.

I don't want to miss any order. Any idea?



is this related to people paying by paypal and then not returning to your store??? I think this has caused an issue for us before



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No. It is not paypal problem. I don't have any problem getting with running customer's credit card. I never miss any payment. In fact, that is how I know that customers placed orders. I received an email from my credit card company automatically. So, if I don't get my order, I call my customer to confirm the order.

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In my administration - Configuration, I use [email protected] as my default email address. And, usually, I would get an email everytime when a customer go to my website and sign-up, and if they place an order, I will get another email subject name - Order Process. My third email is an email from my credit card company letting me know that there is a transaction.

The reason that I know people have placed orders on my website is when I get the email from the credit card company.

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